About Me

An accomplished businessman and a charity supporter managing diverse and thriving businesses in UK that include education, property holdings and developments, family double glazing company banqueting and catering that include businesses based in India employing a substantial number of people. Charity work includes support for education and sport for the youth with an aim to establish a school for young children in the Southall Area. Helping homeless people, work with youth on drug campaign. Has full support of a devoted wife and four children.


Born in year and educated at Talwandi Mallian in district Moga Punjab India before joining the Indian Army at the age of 19.


Cool Timeline

May 9

property investment (1993)

Started a property investment and development business and rapidly established a substantial portfolio of investment properties

May 9

Settled in England (1988)

Settled in England and worked in various positions to gain experience with the aim of establishing own business.

May 9

2nd Officer in a shipping company (1982-88)

Commissioned as a 2nd Officer in a shipping company operating in Europe and rest of the world.

May 13

Discuss issues With Mr Narinder Modi Prime Minister of India (2015)

I facilitated a meeting of Key representatives of Sikh Communities With Mr Narinder Modi Prime Minister of India. To discuss issues relating to the Sikhs in general and 1984 in particular. The outcome of the meeting was to set up partnership meetings and open a dialogue to address the issues..Read More

April 18

founder trustee of Unity of Faith (2013)

        I was appointed founder trustee of Unity of Faith. The mission of this group is to unite people of all faiths and community’s. It aims to help create more stable tolerant and Cooperative feature for all to join in promoting harmony and understanding between the communities.

September 24

Sangat TV (2010)

I was appointed the founder trustee of Sangat TV. The TV was launched to create awareness and inform the people who had no understanding of English. The channel is very popular within the community as it gives impartial news and views.

May 5

Promote awareness (2008)

         Set Go Help Asia Trust to promote awareness among west London residents and abroad to promote Education awareness about their everyday lifestyle issues. Promote Culture tolerance and understanding. Creating community cohesion and improvement.Developing help and support stature for our senior citizens and combaand loneness and isolation     

November 24

Sporting event and local functions (2005)

Sponsored a sporting event and local functions for the visiting Indian Parliamentary Charity Cricket Team with the aim of fostering good community relations between the two countries and enhance dialogue and mutual understanding on finding solutions to issues relating to the Indian community in UK.

December 19

Meetings with Prime Minister (2004)

Undertook meetings with Prime Minister of India to raise issues of Sikh Community and the daily deteriorating Punjab Environment.

February 21

Sponsored a Youth Camp (2003)

Sponsored a Youth Camp at the Guru Nanak Sikh School to introduce the public to the school where some 20,000 people attended to enjoy Kirtan Darbur and a Sikh Exhibition. Young people were encouraged to partake in activities like Gutka, Football. All-inclusive Langar was served all day. The event and..Read More

November 18

Guru Hargobind Sahib Academy (2000)

Set up the Guru Hargobind Sahib Academy in Jagraon Punjab India, a co-educational English medium day boarding school affiliated to the Central Board of Senior Secondary Education of India and incorporating a residential Hostel for 160 students. For further information please visit www.

October 21

Build Gurdwara (1999)

Started to build Gurdwara in Village Talwandi Malian

April 17

Family double-glazing window business (1997)

Started a family double-glazing window business to rapidly become one of the leading manufacturers and installers of double glazed windows the South of England employing a substantial number of persons who are offered a structured programme of training to develop skills in the trade.

May 9

Signal operator (1976-82)

A signal operator in the Armored Core of the Indian Army.