With the blessings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji these are just a few of the achievements of the last 3 years

  1. We increased the Satkaar and respect of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as well as upholding our Akal Takht Maryada.
  2. Tremendous growth in the number of Sangat coming to both Gurdwaras as a result of the great Smagams and Programs held. With Guru Ji’s Kirpa we have continued to have the worlds renowned Kirtanees and Katha Vachaks do Parchaar at both Gurdwara’s. At the same time, we have encouraged Parchaar in English. We have enabled the Gurdwara facilities to be readily available for all those wanting to spread the message of our Gurus.
  3. The Havelock Road Santhiya and Punjabi school has grown from strength to strength with several hundred children regularly attending on weekends. Over 100 hundred children attend the Punjabi school at Khalsa School. The Sevadars, with the full support of the management committee have demonstrated what can be achieved when we all unite together to provide an enriching future for the next generation.
  4. The weekly Kirtan classes again run by Sevadaars, with the support and encouragement of the committee, have enabled countless members of the Sangat, young and old to learn Kirtan. Gatka classes and Dastaar tying classes have flourished under our management.
  5. Several members of the Sangat have been fortunate enough to complete their Santhiya. The Gurdwara holds regular classes at Park Avenue throughout the week.
  6. The children’s summer Gurmat Camps have been very successful, providing an opportunity for our next generation to learn about Sikhi, to take part in Seva and become closer to our Guru.
  7. We have opened and welcomed the Gurdwara to countless Sikh organisation and charities enabling them to promote their causes and use the Sabhas facilities for the betterment of society.
  8. We reduced the Bheta (cost) for an Anand Karaj and Akhand Paths. We also removed the costs associated with Langar for funerals. Even with these reductions, we were still able to successfully repay all the Gurdwara’s outstanding debts. This exemplary framework set in place, has for the first time strengthened the Gurdwara’s financial position.
  9. Developed services at Norwood Hall to provide advice and support to the elderly to combat isolation and loneliness through: companionship outings, health awareness, exercise, nutrition, wellbeing and much more. We have had regular visits by health specialists and physiotherapists. Mael Gael has been a great opportunity for the elderly to take part in Gurmat classes and take part in outings and debates. For more information please visit www.maelgael.org
  10. Through Mael Gael, we have partnered with the Alzheimer’s Society, who attend and provide guidance and support.
  11. In 2014 the total outstanding debt was £1.94m, today we have over £1.6m in surplus cash to use for charitable projects. All debt has been repaid and our manifesto states clearly how we will expand the activities of the Gurudwara to improve the lives as many as we can and grow Parchaar.
  12. New trustees were appointed, we now have 4 in total. We will work to bolster the governance of the charity.
  13. Sher party has always encouraged the youth to take part in as much Seva as possible. We made history in 2014 when we appointed the youngest ever General Secretary (Tajinder Singh Ghatora, 31 from Southall). In 2017, we have more youth than ever who will be empowered and supported to further the work of the Sabha.
  14. When a few anti Panthic individuals held an Amrit Sanchar in North America without reciting the Panj Baniya, Singh Sabha Southall took a leading role in the UK by organising an open meeting condemning their actions, and passing a mata (resolution) ensuring we would not allow it to ever happen again. Over 36 Gurdwara’s attended.
  15. Turning to the issue of interfaith marriages taking place in the Gurdwara’s, we championed a campaign working with the Sikh Council, and other Gurdwara’s to implement a solution.
  16. We commemorated and remembered the Shaheeds of our Panth through multiple programs. Both in 2008 and 2014 when Sher Sevadars were running the Parbandak we arranged transport for and supported the 1984 rally in London. Previous committees prevented such programs.
  17. Following Bargari kand (Beadbi of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji), Singhs were Shaheed, alongside many of our Sikh brothers and sister who suffered violence and destruction following the protests. We sent 5 lakh rupees to each of the 2 Shaheed Singhs families (Kishan Singh, 45, of Niami Wala village and Gurjit Singh, 20, of Sarawan village). We donated a further 21 lakh rupees directly to our brothers and sisters who suffered injuries and destruction to property. All funds were sent directly via bank transfers, with full transparency and records.
  18. The Gurdwara has helped arrange and pay for the funeral arrangements of 10 individuals who passed away whilst in the UK and had neither family or friends. It was our commitment for “Sarbat da Bhalla”, that motivated us to help regardless of faith. It should be noted they were both Hindu & Sikh.
  19. In the last 3 years (2015-2017) we have sent over £100,000 to the Pingalwara Charity in Amritsar (most recent donation was for £52,000 alone). Under the previous committee (Mar 11 – Oct 14), only £21,000 was sent. When this figure was challenged by the Sher Group during the debates prior to the previous election a further £45,000 was sent on 18/09/14. A mere 2 weeks before the election. With Guru Ji’s Kirpa, Sher Group Sevadars raised and sent over 50% more than the previous committee.
  20. We helped raise and sent almost £15,000 to the victims of the Nepal earth quake in 2015.
  21. successfully obtained planning permission for a new 4 story building on the site at The Green (next to TRS), which had been unused for many years. Construction will start very soon
  22. We submitted an application for a new Sikh ethos High school. We will continue working to ensure a new High School is built.
  23. Khalsa Primary School continued to perform well, with 73% of pupils meeting the expected standard in reading, writing and maths, this is significantly better than the national average of 53% and the local authority average of 55%.
  24. The Gurdwara helped fund 4 camps in Punjab to assist and raise awareness in the fight against cancer
  25. The Gurdwara continuously helps those in need, such as the homeless, working with local groups and charities.
  26. We have ensured both AGM/EGMs are regularly held, and are free from violence or abusive behaviour, unlike in the past. When questions were raised against the management of the previous committee that they were unable to answer, and walked out.
  27. The previous committee signed various onerous contracts with their own supporters to the detriment of the Sabha. These caused immense financial damage to the Gurdwara. We have worked hard to resolve and end the many legal cases against the charity. We have used mediation, and covered the costs by donating personally, to avoid using the Sangat’s donations.
  28. It was Sher Group Sevadars who fought for the right to vote for our European Brothers and Sisters. The opposition party denied them the opportunity to take part in the upcoming elections for the Gurudwara. Whenever any Sikh around the world has faced injustice we have supported the fight for righteousness and sought justice.

These are just a few examples of what we achieved with Guru Ji’s Kirpa. In the next 3 years, we have a bold vision to spread Guru Sahibs teachings. We humbly request you to support the Sher Group Sevadars on the 1st of October.