Satkaar of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

  • Sher Group will continue ensuring Satkaar of Maharaj and Gurbani Da Adab remains the highest priority, this involves continued Support of Pothi Seva
  • We will ensure Parchaar of Satkaar occurs through dedicated workshops. We will work to make Singh Sabha a leading centre for repair and conservation of historic Sikh manuscripts
  • Support increased usage of Maharajs van for families conducting paath at residences


  • Sher group will continue bringing panth parsid parcharaks, kirtanis, katha vachaks & Dadhi Jathas
  • Celebrate all Gurpurbs and Dharmik events by holding major smagams both in the gurughar and outdoors
  • Open a Sikh Museum (Ajaaib Ghar) and education/visitor centre that will give a detailed history on Sikh Ithias and the history of the Sabha
  • Continue to make educational literature available for both Sikh and non-Sikh visitors in multiple languages
  • Grow the hugely successful children’s and adults Camps, as well as launch a summer school
  • More regular English programs whilst simultaneously encouraging the learning of Punjabi
  • Install large screen to promote parchar outside both Gurudwaras


  • Sher sevadars recognise the importance of education & will continue to provide support for both Gurmat and academic learning. This will be through structured and syllabus learning of Gurbani and Punjabi, as well as all the key academic subjects
  • This will be through increased support and resources for both the Singh Sabha Education centre, the Havelock Road classes and interactive learning. We want as many people, young and old to take part in the Santhiya and kirtan classes
  • For our newly arrived European Sikh brothers and sisters we will provide enhanced English tuition services
  • Launch an Anand Karaj course, and encourage the use of the matrimonial service. We will also work to improve online access.
  • Provide career advice for both students and adults, encouraging professionals to share their experiences and guidance. We will expand the exam Stress Counselling / Helpline access
  • Relaunch the website, making it a central resource for parchaar, information, and events
  • Organise educational visits to India, to visit Ghurughars and historical sites.

Support the elderly and general health and social awareness

  • Continue to invest in, support and grow MAEL GAEL
  • Provide services to improve and wellbeing. Introduce health clinics to advise on BP, high cholesterol, diabetes management and nutrition, these will be run by professionals
  • Continue the efforts to reduce homelessness through the various initiatives already in place
  • Use the gurudwara as a hub to tackle various social problem by introducing services provided by qualified individuals on: Domestic Violence, Marriage Guidance Counselling, Positive Parenting, drugs/alcohol issues, Legal/Immigration advice
  • Arrange visits to prisons, care homes, and hospitals our Sikh families in need of support


  • Ensue Transparency and accountability through regular reporting and open meetings. We will have monthly forums where Sangat can discuss any issues with the management committee.This forum will empower the Sangat to hold the committee to account and propose suggestions and improvements
  • Website will be updated regularly with Gurudwara affairs
  • Ensure all expenditure/projects are effectively managed and any developments are thoroughly scrutinised
  • Update constitution which will become a model for all Gurudwaras across the UK. Aim to reduce membership fees as well as launch an online application facility
  • Improve access to the management committee, clear definition on responsibilities and improved governance
  • We will form empowered and financially funded sub committees to develop and run key projects in the areas of finance, education, sports, social welfare, and Dharmik affairs. Each subcommittee will be made up of professionals who specialise in the relevant area in collaboration with the management committee
  • Encourage the Sangat to challenge the committee in and outside AGM/EGM’s
  • Launch an online program booking portal (for weddings, paths etc) to improve access for Sangat


  • Improve use of resources, improve opening times, with the aim of also having a crèche provision run by qualified professionals
  • Set up a IT suite giving tutoring in the use of IT for the elderly. Improve broadcasting facilities at Havelock Road Gurudwara


  • Invest in a programme to achieve the highest hygiene standards. The program will work closely with Sevadars, professionals and the committee. We will encourage and support Sevadars to attain relevant qualifications
  • Reduce the levels of waste and implement recycling facilities for waste.
  • Encourage more sangat to take part in seva by making it more friendly and approachable


  • Upgrade and maintain all facilities, improve disabled access and childcare facilitates
  • Install charan ghaggar (feet washing) faciliities
  • New accommodation block will be built for Gianis and Ragis at The Green site in Southall (Next to TRS)
  • Aim to make Norward hall a Gurmat and Education Academy and a community facility for both old and young.
  • Aim to make a full purpose 3rd hall at Havelock Road due to increased demand from Sangat
  • We will explore the option to acquire a purpose built camp site for Sikhi Camps

Future developments

  • As part of the Park Avenue redevelopment we will ensure more Darbar sahibs, larger Sach Khand, lecture halls, education facilities, Langar halls and additional parking. We will work closely with the Sangat to ensure the needs of all are catered for
  • We will look for solutions to improve Havelock Road parking

Ekta & Unity

  • Work closely with other Guru Ghars and Sikh bodies to address the wider social and political issues facing the Sikh community.


  • We will create an empowered and resourced subcommittee to directly manage and promote sports
  • Continue to provide more opportunities, working in partnership with local clubs (cycling, football)
  • Organise Sabha associate (competitive)sports teams and clubs
  • Organised subsidised gym memberships using current local facilitates


  • Aim to introduce benefits for members of the Sabha, such as discounts at local shops, gym memberships, restaurants (Not on any meat or intoxicants)